About Dr. Stewart

Dr. Ross Stewart Ph.D., L.P.C., A.C.N – Clinical Director

Seeing the suffering that Parkinson’s disease (PD) bring, Dr.Stewart dedicated his life and has built his career around helping people overcome these condition.

With his scientifically recognized approach Dr. Stewart is known for his skills of managing the symptoms and progression of Parkinson’s that can be acquired only by many years of practical, clinical experience, dedication to excellence and constantly keeping up with the cutting edge of science.

His interests span the entire spectrum of optimal management of symptoms and progression of Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s related conditions. His unique approach to wellness recognizes that good health is influenced and dependent on both the physical and mental-emotional levels.

Dr. Stewart has been in the field of behavioral psychology, brain chemistry and nutritional physiology for almost 40 years. He earned a doctorate in psychology from Indiana State University and has worked with many schools, universities and clinics. He is licensed in the state of Texas and has been in private practice in Dallas for 30 years. He developed the dynamic Biodata System that allows for rapid diagnosis of personality problems and pinpoints personal issues that contribute to physical and mental disorders which is use internationally by companies and health professionals.

To effectively address the issues Parkinson’s victomes are struggling with Dr. Stewart studied with Dr.Marty Hinz, MD, the foremost authority in the field of Neurotransmitter Replenishment Therapies, the cutting edge science of neurology and brain chemistry. Dr. Stewart is an active member of The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine and Institute for Functional Medicine which educates health professionals in an integrative, functional approach to healthcare. Dr. Stewart has written dozens of articles and been interviewed extensively in the media over the past 15 years.

Dr. Stewart is a strong advocate for natural, non-drug alternatives to prescription medications. His expertise in brain chemistry, physiology and clinical nutrition, allows him to effectively address symptoms and underlying causes of health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease,  Anxiety, Depression/Mood disorders, Gastrointestinal Disorders, and many others.


Ania Zegan A.C.N – Managing Partner

I am a Mom who refused to give up. My daughter’s health was at stake. In my search for a solution to save my daughter, it became very clear to me that prescription drugs were not the path that my daughter and I wanted to take.
As a result, I acquired knowledge and certifications in Clinical Nutrition and  Applied Nutritional Physiology. I also received extensive training from  Dr. Marty Hinz, MD in applying “Neurotransmitter Therapy” to regulate brain chemistry for ADHD, Depression, High Performance Weight Loss and Anti Aging.

For many years now I have been assisting families achieve optimal and lasting health. My commitment to helping families search for solutions has turned my personal quest into my vocation. I employ principles of science and the body’s natural ability to heal and to create a balanced and focused approach to the very best of traditional and modern practices.

Functional Endocrinology-balancing female hormones, Advance Endocrinology- female and male reproductive health, – Essential nutrition for bone and joint health, – Adrenals, – Thyroid and male hormone health, – Nutritional advancement program, – Energetic Integrative medicine, – Functional Physiology,  – Gastrointestinal health, – Herbology, – “Neurotransmitter Therapy” in anti aging and weight lose, – Neurotransmitters unification theory of medicine and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), – Ozone hyperthermia application and many more in continuing education from 2001 till now.