Getting Started – Parkinson’s

This program applies only to individuals suffering from Parkinsonism, Parkinson’s Disease, Young-Onset PD, Early-Onset PD and Essential Tremor.

Welcome to the scientifically based, medically developed program that is clinically shown to eliminate symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, Parkinsonism, and Essential Tremor. This Amino Acid Therapy program offers significant hope to improve your health, life and future. You will probably regain the responsibility for your own life and take so much of the burden off of your loving support team.

What is Included in The Seven Months of Amino Acids Therapy and What is The Cost?

  • For your convenience and to help you control your expenses, we created a seven months (30 appointments) inclusive program. To participate in the program, you must make a seven months (30 appointments) commitment to the program (we DO NOT offer any refunds after you start your program).
  • If you are on Parkinson’s medications, at your request we will work in coordination with your medical doctor. We are here to help you to have a better life with better health outcomes and we expect your medical doctor is in it for you as well.
  • All weekly appointments with Dr. Stewart are done either by phone, Go to Meeting, Face-Time or Skype. On average, it takes about four to five months to achieve optimal results in terms of symptom relief and slowing or even stopping the progression of Parkinson’s.
  • Before you consider our program please make sure that you are properly diagnosed. We do NOT diagnose Parkinson’s or any other diseases or health conditions and would NOT be responsible if you are misdiagnosed.
  • For you to achieve optimal results you MUST use all The Amino Acids provided by our clinic, they are medically developed pharmaceutical grade and tested for consistency. If at any point of the program you decide to purchase the Amino Acids from other provider or use off brand Amino Acids your program will be null and void.

 Included in the seven months (30 weeks) program:

  1. All weekly consults with Dr. Stewart to help you through adjustment periods of getting your proper dosage of amino acids and as needed consultations afterwards (30 appointments total).

    1. All necessary coordination consultation with your medical doctor.

  1. To make your program more effective we ask that you keep weekly JOURNAL. You will email your journal to us one (1) day before your appointment.
    1. In addition to the weekly consultations we included free email symptoms check-ins to help you through adjustment periods (pill stops) of getting your proper dosage of amino acids and as needed check-ins afterwards.

    1. Once a month priority shipping costs (domestic shipping only – Continental US and Hawaii) for recommended supplements. You can place your order by email or online and get them conveniently mailed right to your home.

    1. A Scale to measure the exact amount of amino acids. For your convenience, some of the supplements come in powder form and it is extremely important for you to take exact amount not only for symptoms relief but also to control your cost.

  1. After 7 months (30 appointments) – To help you stay on track you will get complementary consultation with Dr. Stewart every 6 months for as long as you purchasing Amino Acids supplements

We Accept Only A Very Limited Number Of Clients. Why?

To best attend to the needs of each and every person and to insure optimal results, we work in partnership with our clients dedicating a considerable amount of time to each program participant.

This is NOT a one size fits all program, this program is highly personalized. For YOU to achieve optimal results you MUST be committed and understand that at times you WILL feel worse (nausea) before you will feel better, that is the part of the process and at the end will all be worth it.


  • $3800.00 payable after your first appointment (we do not offer any refunds after you start your program) – plus the cost of your amino acid supplements (average cost for Parkinson’s amino acid supplements is about $600 per month in severe cases it my be more). To participate in this program all the Amino Acid Supplements must be purchased through our clinic.

    • The fee for your initial appointment is $298 ( due at the time of appointment). If after your initial appointment you decide to make the seven months (30 weeks) commitment to your health, you will pay the remaining $3502.00 + cost of initial supplements to began your program.

  • The $3800.00 payment does NOT equal a total of 7 monthly payments. The beginning of the program is intense and requires much more supervision than later in the program. We encourage every participant to have an initial appointment ($298.00) and take time to decide if they want to participate in the program. Bare in mind this program is no easy.

What Happen After 7 Months (30 weeks)

  1. You can schedule an appointments with DR. Stewart on as-needed basis. Appointments are  $150.00 for up to 20 minutes
  2. To help you stay on track you will get complementary consultation with Dr. Stewart every 6 months for as long as you purchasing Amino Acids supplements
  3. You will also get complementary Lab Test once a year for as long as you purchasing Amino Acids supplements
    • We do not bill insurance companies. We do not provide insurance billing codes and recipes. You are responsible at the time of service for all charges whether or not they are covered by insurance.

  • Methods of payment are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Check or Cash.

Things you must do to get started.

1. Fill out your new client forms

2. Schedule your initial appointment by calling our office 972-248-0780

We are committed to you getting the results and we expect you to have that same commitment.

To find out how we can help you, please contact our office at



Here’s how you can Get Started