New Client

Thank you for choosing us for your health and wellness needs. Because our clients live allover the U.S. and in many different countries allover the world our appointments are done via SKYPE or FACE TIME. Of course if you are in the Dallas area and would like to visit us in person, our address is listed under “Contact” Before scheduling appointment please get familiar with our program requirements and when you are ready to start complete and send the appropriate FORMS. We use UPDRS form as a starting point on the beginning of the therapy and to follow the progression of symptoms relief.



  • Consent Form PDF – if you would like for your family member or your doctor to be able to discus your health progress with us.

We want to encourage you to begin your journey to Optimal Health with an open mind and an open heart. This way, you can learn what works best for you. Then, let your life contribute to the collective discovery and wisdom of how to live powerfully on this planet.  Nutrition works!  Learn how. Teach others by telling them how your discovery turned out …



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