My Gut Bacteria Journey: The Beginning

The follow series of posts is going to be my journey to healing my own microbiome. If you do decide to do a program to heal your digestive system, please consult a healthcare professional. Ania Zegan from Brain and Body Wellness Center has been my consultant through this process.

Let’s start from the beginning: I was a C-Section baby. I needed it for medical reasons, so I am grateful that it was available while I was being born. However, this means I didn’t get the bacteria we now know are crucial for optimal health as an adult through the birth canal.

Here is an article from Dr. Perlmutter MD on the subject: Here

So what were my symptoms? This may be TMI for some people but here it is, I haven’t been able to keep meals down my entire life, 3-7 days a week, my abdomen would become excruciatingly painful and then whatever I ate would decide it wanted come back the way it came. This went on from infancy until I became Gluten Free in my early 20s.

I will tell you, eating was miserable, I would much rather not eat anything at all ever because it was so painful. My guts hurt, it was a dull throbbing 24 hours a day and I was puffy. I was a little puff marshmallow and no matter what I did, unless it was an extreme diet, I couldn’t lose weight. I was always 20-30 pounds overweight and I worked HARD to keep it there and not get heavier.

I also was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and chronic fatigue. So now I couldn’t keep food down, my guts hurt, have an autoimmune disorder and chronic fatigue. This is all happening in my teens and early 20s. I’d like to note that you wouldn’t tell much by looking at me. I looked like a bit puffy but pretty teenager/20something. I hid all the rest of it pretty well, but my parents were taking me to doctor after doctor who couldn’t seem to help me.

Finally in my early 20s, I heard that gluten wasn’t particularly good for people so I decided to go Gluten Free doing an isolation diet. I took ALL gluten out of my diet for 3 months (it has to be like 3 months it can’t be the couple of days most people try it for). I immediately stopped up-chucking. That in itself was enough to do it for the rest of my life. Then after the 3 months were up, I took a bite of bread and I immediately felt like my throat has been scratched up by an angry cat and started swelling, the lymph nodes in my neck swelled almost golf ball size. Then I threw up. Alright, I thought, looks like I can’t eat gluten.

But a Gluten Free diet was just the beginning of a long healing journey that is still going on several years later. I ended up cutting out all milk products as well (except for grass fed butter) which brought my inflammation down substantially.

Ok, so now with major allergens out of my system, I had to start healing my gut. This is where I started to really dive into the microbiome.


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