My Gut Bacteria: Step 1

The first step was testing to see what was actually going on in there. I used UBiome, which is a lab I not only believe in strongly, but am very excited by what they are doing. (not affiliated with them in any way, I just think they are some of the foremost experts in the world in bacterial testing)

The things I was focused on results wise are:Check them out: Here

1. My weight, it’s always been a struggle. I could eat only spinach and gain weight. It’s kept me extremely healthy in other ways because my diet is seriously amazing, but I’ve always been 20-30 pounds overweight and it bothers me. I work so hard, I exercise a lot and eat SO well, so it’s not like I don’t put in the work. That’s gut bacteria. You’ll see how come a little later in this post. Plus, I want french fries every so often without having to feel guilty about it.

2. Hashimoto’s Thyroidits: I don’t like having this. My antibodies attacking me sucks and there’s no cure. My extremely healthy diet, exercise and supplementation as well as low dose Naltrexone keep it in check so I don’t really have symptoms anymore,

but it’s still there (Thanking Ania Zegan at Brain and Body for lack of symptoms, she’s amazing).There’s a lot of indication that autoimmune disorders may actually stem from gut bacteria issues. I’m willing to test that theory on myself.

This is an ongoing journey for me and I will post my results as I get them, I’m about a year in at this point so for this post I’m going back to the beginning.

Here are my initial UBiome test results: Taken on 3/27/2015

For my purposes, I am going to focus right now on Firmicutes and Bacteriodetes.







Bacteriodetes are the “lean bacteria” and as you can see, my count is pretty low. The percent of my gut microbiome that is “lean bacteria” is only 27.51%. Great. Well at least there’s a pretty obvious reason why it’s so hard for me to lose weight.







Firmicutes are the, well, “fat bacteria.” As you can see, I have a lot of these. My gut bacteria started off at 66.32% Firmicutes. These percentages make it very hard for me to lose weight.

I realized, after looking at the results of this test, that at least for weight loss and overall bacterial health, I needed to change the ratios of these two types of bacteria.

So began my journey…


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