Phases of Parkinson’s

  1. Phase One

    1. Mild signs and symptoms on one side only

    2. Symptoms annoying but not disabling

    3. Usually begins with tremor of one extremity

    4. Distinct changes in posture, movement and facial expression

  1. Phase Two

    1. Bilateral symptoms

    2. Minimal disability

    3. Posture and pattern of movement affected

  1. Phase Three

    1. General moderately severe dysfunction

    2. Significant slowing of body movements

    3. Early deterioration of stability on walking or standing

  1. Phase Four

    1. Severe symptoms

    2. Severe rigidity and bradykinesia, limited walking

    3. Tremor may be less than earlier stages

    4. Needs full time caregiver

  1. Phase Five

    1. Complete invalidism

    2. Confined to the wheelchair  cannot stand or walk

    3. Requires constant nursing care


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