Parkinson's diagnosis can trigger a range of emotions so helping you understand the psychology of this neurodegenerative disorder is the first step to support your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.


Hinz Amino-Acid Protocol addresses the Relative Nutritional Deficiency offering hope to people suffering from complex brain and body related conditions. Your state of mind is dependent on the state of your brain chemistry.

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Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Counseling and Nutritional Support 

We specialize in a safe, effective and unique approach to Stress related Depression, Anxiety, Adult ADHD and Parkinson’s Disease.

To address physical and psychological health we use specifically formulated Amino Acids nutritional supplementation and Counseling. 

You may ask, what does Depression and Anxiety have in common with Parkinson’s Disease?

Many of the brain pathways and chemicals (neurotransmitters) affected by Depression and Anxiety are the same as those affected by Parkinson's. In fact, at some point up to half of all people with Parkinson's may suffer from Depression and/or Anxiety.


This amazing and very effective way of addressing health concerns includes  Nutritional Support and Psychotherapy. Whether you or your loved one is experiencing Depression, Anxiety, ADHD or suffers from Parkinson’s Disease the situation is usually too complicated for Psychotherapy alone.


To achieve optimal results all aspects of health need to be considered. This approach is ahead of its time and when implemented by knowledgeable health practitioners produces excellent results.

If you are ready to change the course of your life, you can start the therapy today and begin your journey to a new life with this scientifically based and proven protocol.

For more information about  "Amino Acid (Neurotransmitter) Therapy” program its effectiveness or to start the program please contact Brain And Body Wellness Center at 972-248-0780

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