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Hinz Amino-Acid Protocol addresses the Relative Nutritional Deficiency offering hope to people suffering from complex brain and body related conditions.



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Supporting neurotransmitter deficiencies with Targeted Amino Acids may eliminate many neuro-degenerative problems including thoughts, behavior, mood, activity, and physical health.

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Hinz Amino-Acid (neurotransmitter) Protocol can alleviate symptoms of complex brain-related neurodegenerative conditions including depression and anxiety caused by chronic stress.

Chances are if you are on our website right now, what you have been doing so far is not working.  Maybe you are looking for information on how to manage your physical and emotional health & well being. Regardless, we are glad you are searching.
Amino Acids Therapy, nutritional supplementation and self-care is a powerful and very effective combination that could help you eliminate symptoms of depression, anxiety and other complex neuro-degenerative brain-related conditions. Thanks to innovating thinking of health experts and extensive published research you now have a hope. Knowing exactly what lies underneath is the first, most important part of getting well.

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