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Living with amino acid/brain chemistry imbalance such as depression, anxiety....... can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be a defeat.

The successful implementation of this nutritional therapy requires a thorough understanding of the underlying causes and many years of practice and experience.


With over a two decades of implementing the Amino Acids Nutritional Therapy/Hinz Protocol we helped many people regain control of there health and there life.

Focusing exclusively on symptoms of brain chemistry disorders give us the advantage in addressing each person's unique struggles. Make no mistake this nutritional program is not easy, it requires discipline and dedication to your health and your life, but the results could be amazing.


The Amino Acid Nutritional Therapy program that we at Brain And Body Wellness Center have been successfully implementing for over 20 years was developed by medical doctors and scientists and is clinically proven to be effective for alleviating the symptoms of depression, anxiety and other complex neuro-degenerative brain-related conditions. By using specifically formulated targeted amino acids, we get results without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

For more information about  "Amino Acid (Neurotransmitter) Therapy” program its effectiveness or to start the therapy with this medically developed, scientifically based and clinically proven nutritional protocol please contact our office at 972-248-0780

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