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Parkinson's Disease Like Symptoms


How should I start this?

First of all a very big thank you to you both for taking me onto your program!

It has been a great journey with ups and downs. Thankfully the ups were outweighing the downs many times.

When I think back how everything started and where I’m know, what a change!

I’m feeling like I can take on the world. This all because you were guiding me with your excellent, professional expertise all the way.

Yes there were times I thought that’s not going to work.

However here I’m now even able to move to music again. Just loving it!

As said, for me the hardest was and is finding the best way to take the Mucuna as the taste isn’t the nicest to say it politely.

My next big goals in life are curing Parkinson’s (yes I want to be the first one able to cure it and I know I can do it) and walking a pilgrimage throughout Germany (350 km).

Again, if you got somebody who wants to talk to someone who has done the journey, it will be my pleasure to talk to the person and recommend your program.

I will spread the word about your program for sure.

\If you like, I’m very happy to do a video testimonial with you.

Please let us stay in touch.

I wish you only the best for your future and for Ross a safe and awesome trip to Germany together with his son.


Hi my name is Zawwar and I am a 67 Years old retired Military officer. I was diagnosed with

Parkinson’s disease (PD) almost 6 years ago and after consulting with neurological physicians in my country I started my medication journey with Sinemet.


I was made aware that it is a progressive neurological disorder and gradually my symptoms would get worse over time. After two years of continuing the medication I consulted a doctor in the UK while I was on a trip to visit my son. My symptoms by now had started to get a bit stronger and were affecting the quality of my life. I was lucky to consult with one of the best doctors in the UK but his response was no different to what I was told earlier.


Two more years passed and my condition was considerably worse now, my hands were stiff and it was extremely difficult to hold a spoon with my fingers. It was extremely difficult for me to even hold a glass of water and to drink water independently. My eldest son who works at a University in the UK and is a researcher made several contacts with academic researchers and started exploring different possibilities. It was during his extensive research on the topic for the possible cure of PD that he landed on the research by Dr Marty Hinz and his amino acid therapy.


On further exploration we landed on the website of Parkinson’s Clinic International and contacted Ross M Stewart who has been part of Dr Marty Hinz team and has followed the development of Hinz protocol since its inception. There are many self-proclaimed doctors who claim to know this particular protocol but we found the information provided by Ross as most authentic and decided to consult him further on the matter.   


In the very first call Ross made it clear that transformation to amino acids therapy won’t be easy but if I continued with patience and perseverance it would come with a reward and this could be a life changing moment for me. After consulting with my family we all decided that I should give this programme a try as allopathic medicine was doing no wonders and my condition was getting worst.

I started with the programme with a self-made commitment that I won’t quit and I would persevere no matter how hard the journey may be. It is a 24 Weeks programme and mind you it isn’t easy, had I not been a trained military officer I would have certainly given up.


With the help of Ross and the support of my family slowly and gradually we made it and I hit the sweet spot where I got the maximum relief that I possibly could. Looking back I can say it was a very long journey and the most difficult 24 Weeks of my life. What helped me continue and stick around was not only my commitment or the support of my family, but a considerable credit goes to Ross and his approach to this programme. Ross and Ania were extremely helpful throughout this journey. Now that I have gone through this programme I know that a good consultant can make a huge difference and this is exactly what Ross did for me.


Here I would like to add that I am a bit exceptional as I do not get a full relief with amino acids I would classify that perhaps I get a 40% relief in my symptoms but this is enough for me to let me function independently. I can eat, drink and do my daily chores without additional support. Although it is difficult when it comes to performing acts like doing shave or taking a bath but still I carry them out independently without any assistance. Now having been on this programme for about 1.5 years I can confirm that it is much better than the earlier medicine I was using. Although my relief is far less from what I expected I know amino acids therapy helps stop the progression of PD and it has no negative repercussions on any other parts/functions of the body. This fact alone is a big reason that I prefer to keep continuing with amino acids.

Best Regards,

Lt Cdr (R) Zawwar Hussain PN

Lon’s 71 Birthday Poem

We celebrate your birthday and rejoice

That you have again, made the wisest choice.

Choosing the way that your health is regained

And over time continues to be maintained.

For all the days and weeks and years

Filled with laughter, worries and fears,

The last few have caused our hearts to turn

More often toward the One we’ve learned,

To trust our days, our minutes and weeks

To Christ whose life is what we seek.

He’s blessed us Lon, with time to share

And live our lives to love and care.

As only our Lord can He provided a way

For you to work so in our home we can stay.

I look forward with hope for all our tomorrows

With a heart full of joy and not with sorrow.

Bonnie 5/15/18